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First production of the ref. The 5516 is a perpetual calendar wristwatch that uses a Valjoux Ebauche.

1955 -- First recorded sale of ref. The year 5516 is not leap-year indicated.

Ref. The 5516 has a leap-year indicator. Nine examples were produced between 1955 and 1957 (Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica). All had leap-year indication. Seven are known today, and two more have not yet been found. The latest example sold for USD 650,000 in October 2017 at the Phillips auction in New York. This was a record for vintage Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica.

1977 -- First automatic perpetual calendar produced in series, the Cal. The ultra-thin automatic calendar cal. The 2120 was created in 1967. First located in the ref. 5548 (later renamed ref. The 25548 was created by Jacqueline Dimier in 1978 and commercially released.Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica's perpetual calendar production reached a watershed point, which had wider implications for the entire watchmaking industry. Total 7,291 perpetual calendars were produced. 2120/2800 were made.

The first Royal Oak perpetual clock ref. 5554 (later renamed ref. The cal. Commercially available since 1984, the 2120/2800 is a high-performance vehicle.

1993 -- With the retirement of the cal.,Richard Mille Replica the leap-year indicator was reintroduced into Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica's perpetual calendars. The cal. 2120/2800 was retired and the cal. 2120/2802.

The grand complication Cal. 2885 with minute Repeater, rattrapante Chronograph and Perpetual Calendar.

The new cal. 5134 is the first complete reworking of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica's perpetual calendar since 1977.

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